Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Game 6 Cliffhanger: The Great Miami Heat Escape

Ray Allen's Game Saving Big Trey 

With 28 seconds to go, defeat was staring at Lebron and the Heat. Pat Riley, the Heat's President and Hall of Fame coach, stood motionless. Around him was a sea of white shirted crowd seated in stunned silence.The Spurs leads by an insurmountable (almost) 5 points. Could this be the ghost of the 2011 Finals?

Flashback: 2011 Game 6 Finals. Dallas in Miami. The Mavs leads 3-2 in the series. Game 6 returned to the American Airlines Arena, Heat's home court. Exactly the same position Heat was in now. Back then, Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks finished off the Heat. That was a painful and hurting defeat for James and company right in their home court. Will history then repeat itself?

Then James drilled in a trey to cut the lead to 2. After Lenard's ( had the Spurs won, Lenard could be the hero for his outstanding game all throughout) split, Miami was all set for their last play. It was a break or bust, there's no tomorrow situation. James fired a trey, missed, scramble for the ball, Bosh got it, passed it to Ray Allen. The veteran shot maker pulled a step back at the 3-point area and pulled a Hail Mary. Bang. T'was in. Pandemonium broke loose. The game was tied. It was heading to an overtime; giving a new lease in life to Miami. Gabo, on a quick lunch break, called up from school just as Allen threw his game changing shot. When the OT news came in to them, the whole canteen went in jubilation. Just like thousands, perhaps millions of Filipinos, the students in their school was also  monitoring the game. That's how big NBA is.

In the extension period, Duncan could barely buy a basket but still a force to reckon with. Parker and Ginobili come and go in an offense-defense substitution strategy but clearly to me a case of tiredness and exhaustion for the aging veterans. In the closing seconds, Allen scored Heat's final points when he converted his nerve wrecking foul throws, putting the Heat in a comfortable 3 point margin. The Spurs last play went muffed as Bosh blocked the desperation 3 pointer of Greene . We have a knock out Game 7 and obviously, the momentum should now shift in favor of the Heat. History is on their side. In more than 30 years, no home team lost in Game 7.

What's happening to James? I could almost label him a choker. For the first 3 quarters, he was not that aggressive. He was not the leader I thought he should be. Ironically, it was when he lost his head band in the 4th quarter that he began to take charge. The Lebron James we saw in the 4th was the Lebron James we knew who would lead the defending champs in retaining their title. He should do a repeat performance in Game 7. But for now, take a bow Ray Allen, one of the greatest shooters of all time.

Our crystal ball went murky since the playoffs. The only right thing we predicted was all about Heat. But even that, we missed. We said,  Heat in 5 or 6. It did not happen. Still, we would not mind if it is Heat in 7.


Meikah said...

It is indeed Heat in 7! Congratulations, Miami Heat! :D

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