Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marie Escudero: The Master "Massieur" is in Town

The title is actually massage therapist, and she is lady,  Her name is Marie Escudero and she said she was once a member of the Philippine national football team, pre Azkals period of course. Sweet, beautiful, brown skinned (or was it just tanned?), I saw her on ANC channel, being interviewed in Hardball by Bill Velasco, Boyet Sison and Boom Gonzales.

Maria Escudero hits big in this field, which she says is very personalized, counting big stars as her clients like  Sir David Beckham of the English National Football Team and husband of the famous Spice Girl, Victoria, Simon Cowell, Pau Gasol, and even our very own Manny Pacquaio. Her break was his client Fil-Am actor Rob Schneider.

I like getting massages. My body longs for it. Good thing, home service call a massage business has sprouted in our community that I can easily avail of it. From P200-250 per hour, they're quite cheaper than those massage parlors in malls where the cheapest one-hour service is P500-600. Add some tips and it would also cost you a fortune if you do it frequently. But a good massage makes your body rejuvenated and relaxed, and removes some body aches. It further improves your blood circulation.

The best massage I have ever experienced was a foot massage I had last year in Shanghai. Yes, in China. It was our last day of a 3-day business trip and our host drove us all the way to this massage joint  near hte community where the expats live. Soothing, relaxing, comforting, I felt my foot has gone lighter and removed the tiredness it felt  after 3 days of walking, strolling, in Shanghai. And to think that the therapist was a young lady, perhaps still in her late teens or early 20's, yet how her hands move and her techniques were those of an experienced masseur. That massage experience was one of the highlights of that trip. Had we have more time, I could have went on with a full body massage.

Now, at home, my 11 year old athletic kid likes to be massaged too. I'm quite hesitant to give him a session with my regular masseurs. I'm not sure whether at this age, it is already proper for him to have it. So, he just requests her "ates" to do it especially after a hard day's play. and seeing him enjoy the satisfaction the massage brings, I could see myself in him.


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