Saturday, May 4, 2013

Full Monty- The Musical Stage Play

 Catch its final run tomorrow, May 5th. Go to for tickets.

The moment I read the news that full Monty will be played on stage at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at RCBC Plaza in Ayala, there was no doubt in my mind that I would watch it. In fact, I was already excited about it. I have reasons to feel that way and look forward to it. I have watched the movie version more than 10 years ago at Greenbelt cinema and it was one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. How I ended up watching the movie was itself a story.

I was then lobbying around the old Greenbelt I, just killing my time. To watch a movie would have been a perfect alternative but there was then no “good movie” on showing. But when I read the plot of the movie posted in the trailer, I was struck. I should see this movie and so I did. Notably, the movie was later recognized and known after it was already shown.

Full Monty was a story of displaced “steel workers” in England desperately struggling to find jobs and make life again. They had good lives before while working in the steel mill but the steel industry in England crushed; and so did their lives, their living and their families. It was a true to life reflection of where I came, of my life as “steelman.” It was a similar story of what happened to our dear National Steel Corporation in Iligan. It was then the biggest steel company in the Philippines and we were privileged to have a good and prospering career, and life was beautiful. But it also crashed. The scenes of the movie, the deserted steel men community the smoke stack, the silent steel mill plant, etc. were the same scenarios we have in Iligan. And so, while the movie was entertaining, I was also waxing nostalgic. And by the way, that was the only time I learned what Full Monty meant in British.

That is why, my excitement on the stage play centered on these fundamental things. First, how the stage play could capture faithfully the vivid scenes and plot of the movie, and the final scene everybody is waiting for: how the Full Monty will be executed to a live audience. Because we watched the play on its first night, we were the first to know.

My expectations were more than satisfied. You could empathize with their plight, their struggle to keep their families intact and happy, their bond and friendship and perhaps most important of all, their spirit to keep their self worth amidst those difficulties. The acting, everybody was excellent. To me, Jamie Wilson, being a veteran stage/theatre artist, was indeed a stand out. Even Sitti, whom I know of as the sultry Casanova now going jazz singer did her fair share. Marco Sison, popularly known as a balladeer in his time also gave notice to his other acting talent. But perhaps the greatest revelation was Mark Bautista who played the lead role. We know him as a product of a singing talent search and later on going showbiz. But I was surprised how this Cagayan de Oro native dished out his lines in impeccable English, making his stars truly shine.

And how did they execute the final Full Monty scene? Oh, they really did well in building up the excitement of this climax, making the audience even participate. It was indeed a play of lighting effects but surely not the way I imagined or expected them to do it. In the end, we, the audience were still talking about it as we were waiting for our rides to go home.

Congratulations to the producers, directors, cast and support staff.


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