Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maria Sharapova's Tie-breaker

It was a match everybody was expecting to end in the altar November this year. Instead, it was extended to a tie-break. Nobody knows now who gets the "Advantage", but definitely there will be no match point. I am referring to the Le Affaire Sharapova-Vujacic.

After winning her 3rd round match in the ongoing US Open, Maria Sharapova, women's tennis royalty, let the cat out of the bag. Her love affair with boyfriend Sasha Vujacic is over, finis. And they parted ways end of spring this year with no one, not even the nosy press knowing it. She herself was surprised that nobody asked her about it.

In happier days, they looked a perfect match. Both are good looking, both have the height, both have the physique and figure many would envy. Most of all, both are popular and famous. Sharapova need not further introduction. She's women's tennis top attraction; that I could say without fear of contradiction. She's my idol too. What she wears in her games in every tournament is being awaited. That's her fashion statement. How she plays either excites or makes your heart break.Vujacic on the other hand played was an NBA star, a member of the popular champion Lakers team of Kobe Bryant and co. for many years until he was traded to the New Jersey Nets last season. This year he disappeared in the NBA when he decided to play professional basketball in Turkey. Where then did they go wrong?

Sharapova herself admitted that their busy schedules was it. In short, their long distance love affair just would not click. Vujacic's Turkey assignment further added their estrangement. Since he arrived there this season, Maria revealed he has not gone home in 10 months. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe they could find some rationalization knowing that this problem actually is common among sporting celebrities; especially if you're on the tour circuit where you go globetrotting the whole year round. Unless of course you are Mirka Federer, who retired in the sport and contented herself being the No.1 cheerer in every tournament of her beau of long years and husband later, Roger Federer.

The news spotlight of course will be on Sharapova. Already, the headlines are screaming: SHARAPOVA IS SINGLE ONCE AGAIN. Yahoo News put it nicely. " FINE TUNE YOUR BACKHAND, GENTLEMEN. MARIA SHARAPOVA IS BACK IN THE MARKET'.


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