Monday, July 4, 2011

Sporty Dad is Born

Sports, together with music and history, are my passion. Early on in my childhood, I was fascinated and got hooked to them, without any influence or prodding from anybody else. My fondness for sports however was perhaps nurtured by games during our town fiesta in summer.

I played a lot during my elementary and especially in high school days. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, chess, table tennis and later in my adult life, lawn tennis and bowling. My favorite reading materials were sports magazines and sports news. It was also to my great delight when cable tv in the 80's started to broadcast games, NBA especially, and later all kind of sports, from golf, baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, etc. I also once wrote a sports column in our company's newsletter, titled Sportswatch.

Such sports genes obviously are now passed on to my kids who not only watch games but actually analyze them. We watched live games in Araneta Superdome, Rizal Memorial, cinema houses during Pacquaio's fights, etc. We seldom miss the NBA games, and European soccer games share equal tv time. We would even stay late nights to watch Wimbledon and other tennis majors.

On its social dimension, I firmly believe that sports tie fraternal bonds among all races.

With this background, Sporty Dad was conceived. Welcome then to my world of sports.


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