Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Euro 2012 Football Championship

It's been over a week now that Europe is all agog over this tournament, second only to the World Cup in terms of importance and prestige. Never mind the crisis, serious enough to make their nations, Greece especially, bankrupt. They forget all their worries and problems once their countries play.That's how passionate Europeans are about football. National pride, passion, at times plain arrogance and hooliganism. Football to them is everything.

Such major sporting event yet it pains me that local media doesn't even bother to prominently report it. No news in major broadsheets and if ever, just a very tiny space likened to reporting the result of a barangay basketball tournament. And I thought that we are suppose to promote football now. If we are to promote this sport nationwide, media should play a very major role in promoting it, through its reporting, broadcasting, etc. Look at how they play up NBA. Basketball is already very popular in the country, and everybody is reporting it, giving it headline news in the sports pages and giving news at the scores. One major TV network even scrap their morning programs to beam live the on-going NBA finals when it is already actually covered in other channels. Good thing, Solar Sports ( which I think started sport coverages before other networks followed) is showing replays of the Euro Cup in the evenings. For the stories, Business World ( and perhaps the other business newspaper too) cover it regularly, including the other European and South American Cup championships.

Because of the TV coverage, we saw how NBA players play; and we follow their moves, their set-ups, etc which enhance our skills and basketball sense or IQ. Imagine if the same coverage is shown to us when Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Drogba, Lampard, Gomez, Roben, Shevchenko, Van Persie, et al show their wares.

The Euro 2012 is now in the quarterfinal stage.. Azkals fans, catch them and see the real  football.


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